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2023 Alberta Bicycle Association Events Calendar 

CABC Race Rules

  • All racers must be registered CABC and ABA members.

  • Crossing the center-line will result in disqualification. (CCA and ABA rule).

  • All races start promptly at 6:30 PM. Please allow enough travel and warmup time.

  • Racers will be divided into three groups depending upon ability and the number of racers.

  • Please know where the finish line is before the race starts.

  • Left-hand turns and 180 degree turns are neutralized. No attacks 50 m before and 50 m after the turn. Check for traffic before turning. Safety first!

  • Make sure your equipment is ready to go before the race starts.

  • The following point system will be used for placing of racers in all three race categories:

    • 1st - 15 points

    • 2nd - 12 points

    • 3rd - 10 points

    • 4th - 8 points

    • 5th - 6 points

    • 6th - 5 points and for every placing after that

  • Both the Spring Series and Summer Series will be scored best 6 out of 8 races.

  • Overall Series Standings will consist of the best 5 races in each of the Spring Series and Summer Series added together. *There will be awards for Spring, Summer and Overall in all categories.

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